Development News

I shall be returning to working on the Object Orientated (OO) site as soon as possible. Due to personal commitments, I have been unable to continue with any project in the recent past. Updates will appear here soon.


Added Fixed
  • Added site config page
  • Added history browsing
  • Added working image upload system (more to go still, do not use yet)
  • Added Plugins to config.
  • Added hits to search
  • Added history reversion
  • Added page visibility option
  • Added advanced sort (search in text)
  • Added change password facility
  • Added encryption methods for login
  • Added working hit counter (fixed new count on resave)
  • Added Setup short URLS (good for SEO, doesn't work on all websites)
  • Fixed incorrect hit display
  • Fixed incorrect ACL storage (working on a new system, currently idea stage)
  • Fixed Owner and Modifier in footer (working on process for recent changes page)
  • Fixed Registration process
  • Fixed Login/Logout feature
  • Fixed Username now case insensitive on login
  • Fixed page rename fully functional
  • Fixing page errors (visible at the top)

Upcoming developments

To Add To Fix
  • Add registered on to usertable
  • Add avatar upload to My Profile
  • Convert My Profile mini menu to function
  • Add last on to usertable (1 time only, use login time)
  • Add related articles block (in progress)
  • Add contents block
  • User group info on user preferences page (will add this next)
  • History Deletion (method consideration)
  • Page Deletion
  • Paging on search
  • Add sort to search (Possible)
  • Add Sub-Menus (Fastkat idea)
  • Page called Forum? containing a working actual forum! (in progress, will be a plugin)
  • Page called Blogs? (microblog?) containing working blogs! (to be in progress, will be a plugin, Fastkat to develop)
  • Fix ACL defaults
  • User password reset for admin AND for users (in progress)
  • User registration with auto gen password sent to email
  • SEO Development (sort of works, disabled)
  • Create initial ACL on page save ??? (add owner to it, think it works but will wait and see)
  • Working user preferences (half complete)
  • Working image upload system (uploads and adding work, personal folders have yet to be setup.)
  • Private messages plugin (in testing)
  • Private messages image borders
  • Page owner ACL rights, deletion, rename?
  • Page called News? maybe just create a block to add within a page. (may or may not add, would be a plugin)



  • Top Priority
  • Low Priority
  • Strikethrough = Cancelled for now


Progression of internal projects

Forum Progress

Design Stage - Logic Stage (coding) - Testing Stage - Release

The forum is currently in the design stages and as yet has no place on the website. Page designs have been created for all standard forum pages and will be added to the plugin shortly. The forum plugin is currently not active or installed.

Private Messages Progress

Design Stage - Logic Stage (coding) - Testing Stage - Release

The private messages feature is now in testing stage which means you can access it most things should work. We try to allow you to view all content as it is being created to give instant feedback on any features that are working or not working as expected. If it is not working, this will be noted and actioned on.

Current Status: Inbox working, Outbox working, Compose working, Delete working

Testing willcommence on completion of the above tasks. Testing will consist of users trying out all the features. 

  • Purple = complete
  • Blue = in progress
  • Green = to do