Old Services

00freebuild has provided a number of services since its launch in 2010 from minecraft servers to website services.

Here is a list of the services that have been provided.


Minecraft Classic Servers

This is the core from which 00freebuild emerged and made its name. The classic server was named first before this website or any other services now going under the 00freebuild banner

Minecraft Alpha Servers

A couple of early Minecraft Alpha servers were in testing for many months at the early release stages and a large proportion of the Community came from around this time.

Minecraft Beta Servers

Staying true with tradition when it came to running clean servers, 00freebuild was one of the only names to stick with the vanilla versions of Minecraft throughout the Minecraft Alpha and Beta stages.

Minecraft 1.0 and beyond

The first servers hosted by 00freebuild to bear the released Minecraft 1.0 were privately run on a home computer instead of a rented virtual server. This is around the time that 00freebuild split into two groups. One group, brought together by 00freebuild still regularly play games together although no longer use the 00freebuild Community.

All minecraft servers have always used the following DNS resolved IP address: mp.00freebuild.info (mp for multiplayer)

Ports 500 through to 510 have generally been used for different minecraft servers over the time they were hosted as 25565 is much harder to remember and the ports around the 500 mark are generally not in use by regular windows applications.



Teamspeak 3 Server

The teamspeak 3 server has generally always been online no matter where it has been hosted. A 512 not for profit (NFP) user license was obtained to allow any number of people to connect so they can talk to each other, day or night from anywhere around the world.

The teamspeak 3 server has always used its default port 9987 and has had a couple of different DNS resolved IP addresses. It is currently on mp.00freebuild.info at port 9987 but previously was hosted at ts.00freebuild.info (ts for teamspeak). There have been multiple servers hosted using this teamspeak server but only the 9987 port has been made publicly available.

This allowed for the teamspeak server to be hosted on a different computer or server without any interruption of services.

Another interesting fact is that the rFactor racing team previously named "GT Omega Racing" had their own teamspeak server hosted with us.

Other Servers

 Windows Server 2008 RC2

 The server for providing all the ser vices mentioned here was a rented server, firstly a cheapish one through a company, I forget the name (to update), and then a cheaper one with 1 and 1. This server was active for nearly a year before being decommissioned due to cost.


The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server used to be accessible at mp.00freebuild.info and was an asset in that it could provide any files from any server for download or as an add on to this website. This site now has unlimited space so the additonal space is no longer a requirement. 


Monopoly, the good old fashioned board game. This server is hosted from time to time on mp.00freebuild.info at port 1234. The client and server model used is called capitalism and we are currently using verion 0.51. It is fairly stable although it does crash on occasion and I blame the trade system for it.

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online was a requested server by a member of the community. It takes up hardly any room or resources although there is very little in the way of a graphical interface. It is all about statistic battling based on the original pokemon games.