Welcome to this wiki homepage.

To the bug testers.

Bugs are currently being listed together and amalgamated into a list. This list will be published (if there is no security items) and I will need you to ensure that they are fixed. I will let you know when I have implemented the OO system (see development) so that you can check them out again.


Thanks for your patience and help so far.

Sim country

Editor Experimentation Notice: After some evaluation time, nicEdit which is currently in operation, will now be retired. ckEditor will be tested for implementation and failing this, tinyMCE will be reinstated.

Old color of edited text is lost from previous to current editor! This is a minor bug so will be ignored


Code change Notice: This notice is to provide you with the knowledge that new Object Oriented code is being built to overwrite the site's current code. There will be no visible changes untill all updates are complete.


  • What will change?
    Everything, (behind the scenes).
  • Will I need to backup any pages?
    No, all pages are being left as is and will only have a few structure changes to the database to make things easier.
  • What is it you are doing?
    All code is being effectively rewritten into classes or objects. This means that the code is less fragmented and new features can be added really quickly.
  • If it's that good, why didn't you do it before?
    Well, that's because I didn't know how!



The changes are slowly taking effect. Special action pages are now the following:

  • search (NEW UPGRADE!!)
  • login
  • logout

Please find this wiki's documentation here.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website in which every page can be edited. This wiki is unique as it has been built from scratch (see development) using some of the ideas that other wikis already have in place. It has almost entirely been built by Adsy in less than 6 months!

What can be added to this site? 

What can you do with this wiki?

  • Bullet Points
  • Formatted text
  • Images
  • Smilies Cool
  • Text
  • Tables
  • Videos
  • Create pages
  • Edit Pages
  • Rename Pages
  • Delete Pages
  • View a pages history
  • Set who can view, edit, administrate delete etc.

 The above list uses the tinyMCE editor.

Extra Features


  • Alignment
  • Anchors
  • Bullets
  • Divs
  • Flash
  • Formatted text
  • Forms
  • Iframe
  • Images
  • Indents
  • Links
  • Quotes
  • Smilies
  • Special Characters
  • Tables
  • Undo
  • Videos


This is the ckEditor list CURRENTLY in use. Image upload may be added or an alternative image upload system.

  • Forum (design in progress)
  • Private Messages (testing in progress)
  • ChildLock (idea stage)

Why is this better than other sites?

Pages can be added and changed easily without any coding knowledge meaning anyone can make their own pages and effectively their own website, complete with login.

I shall keep this page as a basic welcome page while containing details of developments further in.

  • Explanation of the 00Logo (no longer in use on this wiki)
  • What happened to the 00freebuild Community?
  • Old Services that 00freebuild used to provide

The development of this wiki was inspired by my TU100 course through the Open University.

 Other users contributing so far:


This wiki is currently under heavy construction. The official release may be after this following list has been completed.

  1. Sort out the user manager in admin panel
    1. Edit working (to confirm)
    2. Edit confirm email address - to complete
    3. Remove working
    4. Add - Register page only working
  2. Sort out the default ACL in admin panel (will possibly be entirely restructured through the site)
  3. Sort out the site settings in admin panel (next to complete)
  4. Sort out the password recovery feature - in progress
  5. Complete My Profile page
  6. Complete My Pages page (redesign?)
  7. Build My Uploads
  8. Build My Contacts
  9. Integrate My Contacts into Private Messages
  10. May add some more soon.

This list is being extended:


  • Rebuild login code using new encrypted sessions - Complete
  • Transfer registration and user update code to OO
  • Remove most session details and rely on code - Complete
  • Add parent pages and use nav bar to display