The 00freebuild community

The 00freebuild community was setup originally for a group of players who liked the game minecraft and wanted to play more games with each other. 00freebuild has entered many other markets but has always stayed with minecraft as the core.

This is a small selection of minecraft related videos on youtube

Massive Cave

Revenge of the PIG!

Snow Level Part 1

Snow Level Part 2

Snow Level Part 3

This is the first video ever uploaded to youtube by me and shows off a large cave created for Minecraft Classic

This video is basically trying to show off a minecart system and a pig steals it from under me!

Minecraft used to generate entire worlds in snow or no snow so having a snow world was quite something

I have to find some coal or else I can't put up torches and see where I am going?

I go searching for some sand, get distracted by a cave, all in the name of trying to get some glass for my house!



You can find 00freebuild merchandise on cafepress. 00freebuild also sponsored GT Omega Racing by providing a teamspeak 3 server and an rFactor testing server for the best part of a year and in exchange had internet televised success from the sponsorship being displayed on their cars.

The image to the right is a screenshot provided by the teams principle during the design phase.

GT Omega Racing Megane


00freebuild has also taken part in the development of GTA SA:MP (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multi Player) and still runs a server on and off to this day with custom server code developed in house.

One of the latest projects for 00freebuild has been the development of this wiki and it is running (albeit with some fairly dodgy coding) very well.

Teamspeak 3 can still be accessed on an on-off basis @ with port 9987. There is another section of the community who has taken charge of their own teamspeak 3 server and the details elude me. (If you read this guys, just update it!).