The 00Logo

What is the 00Logo?

The 00Logo is a symbol designed with many purposes in mind. It has been the logo at the forefront of this website for a few years now and it's instantly recognisable.

Its just a dirt block from Minecraft isn't it?

Yes it is, this is representative of the roots of the 00freebuild website. 00freebuild was originally the name of the classic server provided by minecraft that I used to run. It was fairly popular so I decided to dedicate an entire website to its cause.

That explains the dirt, what about the two zeros?

They are linked together to represent the joining of communities, gold for the leaders and silver for all of its members, working together for a common purpose. You could explain this away with Server and Client, Manager and Staff and so on. Everyone is equal even if there is providers and receivers so anyone can get the same benefits as everyone else.

There is more details on the Community created from 00freebuild at the Community page.